A more in depth understanding of my background:

I received a strong pre-education from my mother that allowed me to skip kindergarten altogether. I attended normal public schools in and outside the United States until the end of elementary school. For secondary school and above I was placed in a classical school where I took up Latin and found my love for epic literature. We read Herodotus, Aeschylus, Euripides,  Plato, Plutarch, etc. in addition to other subjects like arithmetic and science. For high school I attended a college preparatory school  where I took challenging courses in my favorite subjects of interest such as Latin, Music, History, and English. And presently I attend a large growing public university with an ever growing business department.

As a child I was taught how to play violin at the age of 4. I grew a very early appreciation for classical music as it was almost what my family exclusively listened to. I played in several local orchestras and considered playing professionally but chose not to due to my dislike of practicing for hours on end. I do remain playing to this day for my own enjoyment. In high school I picked up the french horn

Since I studied Latin I gained a deep interest in language and linguistics. I have found great pleasure in understanding  and studying the syntax, semantics, phonetics, morphology, etc. of English. I am pretty proficient in Korean and have dabbled with Russian, Italian, Chinese, German, Old English, and Arabic.

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